What to Expect at Grace

Grace is a laid-back and welcoming faith community. All are welcome  regardless of who you are, where you come from, or where you are on your faith journey. We practice open Communion, all are welcome at Christ's table, regardless of age.

"We gather to worship, grow, care and share," meaning we are blessed beyond measure with hearts to welcome and worship with all minds that seek to be enlightened and nurtured, and talents and resources for caring and sharing. 

Every time we gather as a church family, we learn, pray, comfort, celebrate and restore ourselves so that we may strengthen our own lives and those of others. We invite you to join us on     Sundays at 8:30 am.

What do we believe about Communion? Who can take Communion?

We believe that Communion is a sacrament, which means that when we take God’s words of promise and combine them with ordinary bread and wine (or grape juice), we receive the very body and blood of Christ and the forgiveness of sin Jesus promises us in that. We understand that Christ is in, with, and under the bread and wine (grape juice), and is present in the Meal as we receive it.


All people who hear Christ’s invitation to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and desire to receive it may. We believe that the invitation to Christ’s Table is made by Christ, and                 all are welcome.



How is Communion served?

We typically serve communion while kneeling around the Communion rail at the front of the church. (Note: If you cannot kneel, it is perfectly acceptable to remain standing). The pastor will give you a piece of bread and say “this is the body of Christ, given for you.” If the person following the pastor has a tray of tiny cups, you may eat the bread immediately.

You will then pick up a small cup of wine (red) or grape juice (white), while the assisting minister tells you “this is the blood of Christ, shed for you.” You may drink it and then place the empty cup in the next tray and return to your seat.


Occasionally, we serve communion by intinction, which means that you will receive a piece of bread (or wafer) from the pastor and will then go to the assisting minister to dip the bread (or wafer) in a cup of wine (red) or grape juice (white). If you happen to eat the bread before dipping it in the cup, simply reach back to the pastor and you will be given another to dip in the cup.                          (It happens all the time, so don’t be embarrassed  )



What do we believe about Baptism?

Who can be baptized and what is the protocol to prepare for baptism?

As Lutherans, we believe that the Sacrament of Baptism is a gift given freely by God. By combining ordinary, everyday water with God’s words of promise that name and claim us as God’s own, we receive a promise of forgiveness and love we can touch in the waters of baptism. We don’t come to the waters of baptism because we are afraid that something bad will happen if we don’t. We come because of the loving gift that we receive in the Sacrament. We, as humans, do nothing to earn it or deserve it.


We practice baptism at any age. Most often, we baptize infants. However, baptism is open to people at any age. Older children and adults desiring to be baptized and parents desiring to have their children baptized are encouraged to speak to the pastor for baptismal instruction.



Where are the restrooms?

When entering the building from the parking lot, the restrooms are located

half-way down the hallway to right.



What should I expect when I come into the building?

When you arrive, you will enter through the main doors off the parking lot. You will see the Sanctuary (main worship space) in front of you to the left as you come in the door. The main office is located just inside the main entrance to the left.


As you enter the building, coat racks are located down the hallway to the left and right, and restrooms are located halfway down the hallway to right.


What should I wear to worship?

You may wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. In worship, you will notice that some people may wear a suit jacket and tie while others wear jeans and a casual shirt.  



What should I expect in worship?

You will receive a bulletin from an usher when you enter the Sanctuary. Feel free to sit wherever you feel most comfortable. The bulletin will guide you through the service. In it, you will notice page numbers and hymn numbers. These refer to the red hymnal in the pew called the ELW (Evangelical Lutheran Worship). Hymn numbers are the large numbers in the back portion of the book, while page numbers are small numbers at the front of the book that contain more of the spoken elements of the service. You’ll notice that we sing together a lot throughout the service.

You are invited and welcome to join in.


We stand and sit at different times during the service – typically when we are speaking or reading together as a congregation, or out of reverence at the reading of the Gospel reading. Please know that standing is an invitation, and if you are physically unable to stand,

it is perfectly acceptable to remain seated.


An offering is received during the service to support the ministries of the church. Offerings can be placed in the plates as you enter the sanctuary. As a guest, you should not feel obligated to contribute. If you do decide to contribute, we thank you for your generosity.


When it is time for Holy Communion, all are welcome to come forward and receive the bread and wine or grape juice. Ushers will dismiss you from your pew (seat) to go forward to receive the meal. While you are more than welcome to receive the sacrament, if you would rather not commune during the service, you may remain seated and simply enjoy the music.


After the worship service is over, if you would like, you are invited to join us for coffee and fellowship in the fellowship hall just outside the sanctuary.