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Soul Food

Soulfood is an outreach ministry designed to feed both the body and the soul. The churches of Grace Lutheran, River Shores, Berlin United Methodist, and All Saints Catholic have teamed up to bring Soulfood to the youth of Berlin High School. 

    Soulfood is an ecumenical Christian outreach where each Thursday students are invited to gather, share a meal, and experience the love of God in Jesus Christ. Although Soulfood takes place at Grace Lutheran Church located at 384 Oak St.—right next to the high school, Soulfood isn’t about any particular congregation, but rather, it’s about spreading the Good News of Jesus.

     Each week Soulfood offers a different menu and a different message, shared in a clean, safe environment. Soulfood is a non-profit ministry and asks for only a $1.00 donation from each participating student to help offset the cost of food. Grace Lutheran Church has been licensed by the Tri-County Environmental Health Consortia, and Soulfood has kitchen managers trained in food safety.


Women Of Grace

      The Women of Grace are Christian women who gather to grow in faith, offer support to one another in life and work in ministry and action. It is up to each woman, as an individual, to determine how active she would like to be.
      Women of Grace sew and assemble quilts for Lutheran World Relief. Quilters meet on Tuesdays twice per month. In 2018 they created 56 Quilts, 70 Baby Layettes, 56 School Kits, and 44 Health Kits.
      Women of Grace hold two major fundraisers each year. In February we hold a Bakeless Bake Sale, and in April we host the Annual Rummage Sale. Funds raised from each of these events allow us to support many activities at Grace as well as in the community. Monies raised from these fundraisers enable the Women on Grace to:
- Contribute to Youth Mission Trips
- provide gifts to Shut-ins
- provide food for Bloodmobiles
- pay for Baptismal supplies and materials for Baptismal Banners
- Pay for the Portals of Prayers Devotional
- pay for Proclaim Home Nursery (Materials and postage for preschool children and their
- pay for kitchen supplies,
- provide Christmas Gifts to area charities
- administer gifts given as memorials through the Women of Grace
       Women of Grace also coordinate a Thankoffering service in November, provide supplies for quilts for graduates, keep in touch with the congregation’s college students through the “We Care” writing program, decorate the sanctuary for Easter with flowers donated by parishioners, hold an annual Salad Supper/Baby Shower to gather items for Lutheran World Relief, hold an annual Advent dinner with a Prayer Pal exchange.
       Women of Grace are women of all ages and all interests who wish to act boldly on their faith in Jesus
Christ. All are welcome

Men of Grace

The Men of Grace are a group of Christian men who gather with the goal of growing in faith, supporting one another in life, and engaging the community in ministry and action.

    On the second Saturday of each month the Men of Grace meet for breakfast at the Berlin Family Restaurant. During this time we engage in study of God’s Word, eat, chat, and enjoy the fellowship of one another’s company.

    The Men of Grace sponsor the Grace Lutheran Church’s annual Summer Kick-off Brat Fry, held the second Wednesday evening of June. Set in Riverside Park, the Men of Grace purchase and prepare Brats, Franks, and other grill goodies, as well as organize a pot-luck. The gathering is filled with good food, good fellowship, and of course, the Good News of Jesus Christ as we begin with a short Communion service before our meal.

    In the month of August the Men of Grace gather for a Steak Fry
with all the fixings. It’s a “cook your own” event where the men of all denominations are welcomed together, and where meat and potatoes mingle with faith. The proceeds from this gathering are used for the whole church for the next year’s Summer Kick-off Brat Fry. Although the men of Grace are of all ages and all backgrounds, our common bond is our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.


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