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Whether you're someone who likes things to move quickly, or you prefer a slower pace, there are many opportunities for you to get involved in the ministry of Grace Lutheran. Every believer is a minister and every opportunity for involvement is a ministry. 

    First, and most importantly, regular worship and participation in Holy Communion are essential. We celebrate God's presence in worship. Regular participation reminds us all that we are a part of the fellowship of believers, that there are many others like us who have a faith in Christ Jesus at the core of our lives. 

    But there are many, many other ways to become involved at Grace. Most of them are listed in the online form below. Simply click on the form and scroll through offerings, checking all of the opportunities to which you feel God is calling you to serve.

    Please note, it's impossible to keep this list absolutely current.  Things are happening all of the time. Check the weekly bulletin, the monthly newsletter, and other places on our website to be sure you are not missing something.


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