Ted Johansen |  Interim Pastor

I have been in full-time church work since 1975 when I finished college in northern Minnesota with a Music Education Degree. My plan was to be a band director. An invitation to work in a large suburban LCA (Lutheran Church in America) congregation in the Milwaukee area came my way. My wife, Joan, and I found our intended career paths changed. Finishing my LCA seminary training in St. Paul in 1982, I have served the church as a pastor in 30 congregations. One of my ministries (St. Ignace, Michigan) was nearly eleven years during which time my wife and our four young children lived in a parsonage across the street from Lake Huron... with a beautiful view of Mackinac Island and Moran Bay from our living room window (yes, a pleasant place to have lived.)

In 1995, I began interim ministry and received appropriate training that same year. I’ve been under a specialized call from the synod council for Intentional Interim Ministry since then. My wife, Joan, has served as a consultant out of the Office of Bishop for nearly twenty years, working with over 100 congregations. As I write this report, Joan is at Churchwide in Chicago attending an ELCA four-year training program. It trains church leaders in “systems” to support their congregational work. Joan can become available to Grace through a request to Bishop Mansholt.

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